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Image by Concha Mayo


Consultation Appointment

Every successful dreadlock journey starts with a thorough consultation appointment. This consultation is complimentary, and we will discuss everything from pricing and timing, to what to expect in the early locking phases. This is a great time to ask me any questions that you may have, and show me your inspiration pictures. I have done my best to be as detailed as I can here on the website with the basic information, but the consultation is our chance to get to know each other a little bit and discuss your specific goals.


If you have a busy schedule or live far away, I can do an email consultation. Email me at and include clear, well-lit photos of your hair from the front, back, each side, and in a ponytail. You may also include inspiration pictures to show your desired length, thickness, etc.

Length Requirement

Depending on your hair type, I recommend having at least 6 inches of hair, even in the nape area. The more length we have to work with, the easier your hair will tangle and mat together. While locs can be started on shorter lengths, they will often need a lot of attention in the beginning phases, especially if your hair is straight. This can lead to over-crocheting, which will cause breakage and make the locs very dense and hard. To prevent this, it is better to start with at least 6 inches of length. If you have the patience to grow your hair out, you likely have the patience needed for the dreadlock journey.

If we are adding permanent extensions at the same time, I can work with 3 inches of length. Be aware that the shorter and straighter your hair is, the more likely the extensions are to slip or fall out.

For temporary braid-in dreadlocks, I recommend 3-4 inches of hair at minimum. While they can be installed on shorter hair, they are usually less secure. Because of this, 3 inches is the minimum.

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